How to maximize what you get from your Quran reading


It’s a fact. Many people find reading the Quran rather dull. They’d instead open ‘Facebook’ or ‘Whatsapp’ and spend hours scrolling through their gadgets.

Don’t abandon the Quran1. Find the time to make it a part of your life. Let’s change our attitude towards Quran reading.


Treat the Quran as a very much needed guidance for living successfully. Your interaction should be like a thirsty person trying to quench his thirst – somebody who really needs the wisdom given by the Quran.

Don’t act like you know it all! ‘Coz if you do, you may find yourself looking at your watch, wondering how much longer you have to read the Quran.

Adjust your attitude. At the start of your Quran reading ask Allah for help and guidance – you have a problem and you’re seeking a solution from the Quran. You could say, “O Allah, I need your help, give me guidance.”

Establish a PERSONAL relationship with the Quran. This is where you approach reading the Quran seeking answers to your everyday problems – issues with your family or workplace. This is different than having a relationship with the Quran that is merely academic (reasons for revelation, miracles, etc.) or spiritual (blessings, reward, etc.).

Wallahu A’lam.