Some people say Islam practised in a particular place or by a specific group is different than Islam practised somewhere else. Maybe … maybe there are some slight differences. But, why focus on the differences?

  • Do we not believe in the absolute oneness of God or Allah?
  • Do we not love and follow Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) in everything?
  • Do we not perform salah five times daily? (some of us anyway)
  • Do we not fast in Ramadan?
  • Do our women not wear hijab?
  • Do we not stay away from drinking alcohol? Gambling? Sex outside of marriage? And so on …

So many similarities. A few differences. Respect those who have different opinions! Don’t judge. Leave that to Allah, the Supreme Judge.

Don’t fight because of some small differences. Unite because we believe La ilaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah.

At the risk of being called too simple-minded, I’m going to say it anyway …

O my brothers and sisters, let’s unite and be one ummah



I intend to make this site a collection of Islamic posts of things I’ve learned – as reminders for myself ( + others who care to read it). 

I like immersing myself in Islamic stuff. true knowledgeNot only does this maintain/increase my iman, but lifelong learners stay healthy and live longer. It’s vitamin for your brain (and the brain controls virtually everything your body does).

There’re tons of Islamic sites in cyberspace, but this is one of the best.

Oops! Gotta be humble …

Umm, well, this site is nothing to shout about – written by just an ordinary Muslim (not an ustaz, imam, scholar or ulama).

We Muslims know a lot about Islam but when we’re in situations that require us to act correctly (Islamically) many of us fail to do so. I think that we humans are forgetful need repeated and constant reminders for knowledge to be really absorbed and truly become part of us.

So, continue to get yourself reminded over and over, even though you think you know the stuff. You might see things more clearly from an entirely/slightly different perspective. 

And … ahem … I think this site can help in that, insha Allah.


I’m leaving the Comments open, closed, no, open, closed, open. Yes, I HATE spam comments, but I’ll just have to find a way to filter them out.  

And, if you think I’ve done a great job on this blog, please make dua doa1 for me.


I pray for Allah’s acceptance of my effort on this site to seek His Pleasure, and I pray for Allah’s forgiveness for any errors due to my shortcoming/ignorance.

To the reader, I apologise for any mistakes.subhanallah

What I publish on this site aren’t controversial fatawas. They’re only reminders and general knowledge. If there is any glaring error here, please, please ignore it and keep quiet tell me.

But remember, there are bound to be differences of opinions. (And you shouldn’t think that ONLY you are right, and everyone else is wrong!)

Finally …

For me, building / writing this site is taking a lot of time teaching me many things (especially those related to Islam). I admit NOT EVERYTHING I write I practice. But, I try …

I pray, hope and wish that this site, in whatever way, benefits you. Insha Allah.

If you’re super-bored, you can read a bit about me …

Who am I? My name?

Michael Jackson.

Wait, don’t close this tab!

If you’re not happy about that, I’ll change it. But, I think you still won’t be satisfied.

What? He’s dead? I know that.MICHAEL - JACKSON

You want to know my real new name …

My (new) name … is … er … heheh …

… Brad Pitt.

See, you’re still not happy, right? There’s something wrong with you.

OK, OK. I’ll stop the nonsense. I just want to “break the ice”. From now, I’ll be serious …

82 9 things about me you don’t really need to know

1. I got my engineering degree from the United States. Don’t blame me – my sponsor sent me there. Besides, the U.S. was a lot better then.

2. I live with my four wives and a kid – oops! I mean my ONE (1) wife and four kids. My wife is a genuine, original WOMAN not another man. And my kids are HUMAN BEINGS not some furry creatures or pets.

3. When I go out, it’s usually with my wife. I always put my left hand around her shoulders, and she wraps her right hand around my waist. Aw, so romantic. Heheh! If you only knew!

4. My neighbour on the right is Muslim, while my neighbour on the left is Christian. They pray in different ways, but they don’t bomb each other for believing differently.

5. While in a Christian mission high school, I failed my Math test once, but I didn’t bomb the -.

What? OK, it was more than once, I failed several times, in fact.

What? OK, I failed my Math tests many times.

What? OK, ALL of them!kereta - dibakar

Satisfied? My point is that I didn’t resort to bombing ……….

I just burned the principal’s car! Kidding, just kidding. Heheh!

6. I have an elder brother (a few years older) and a younger sister (many years younger). My mother conceived my sister soon after asking Allah for a daughter during Haj.

7. My brother lives in another city, is married and has several children. Our wives chit chat about all sorts of stuff. 

Unlike my brother and me – whenever we meet we just exchange salaam, visually check that nobody has lost any body part and shake hands. He goes to the red corner, and I go to the blue corner, and that’s it!

8. When I was younger, I loved reading (and watching) thrillers membacawritten or made by westerners. Not anymore.


Back then, the bad guys were Russians. Now, the bad guys are Muslims!

9. My ultimate dream is to stay in Mecca or Medina for extended periods, maybe 3–4 months every year. I’ve no idea whatsoever how I’m going to do that, but I WILL live my dream, insha Allah